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When ever you meet up with someone for coffee, most of the time it’s NOT just about the coffee it is about the conversations that happen over that cup of coffee.

For those who are married, their spouse is typically their closest relationship. As a widower, I am intimately aware of the impact the loss of this relationship has, and the need to stay connected to others during and after those difficult times.  One way to do that is to meetup for coffee with a friend.

After losing my wife, one of my best friendships I have today started with a conversation over a cup of coffee. That friend is one who has walked along side of me during the worst part of my life.

To support those who have lost their partner, I have started Meet Up For Coffee. It is a group meetup for widows and widowers. I have found comfort in talking with others who have also experience a loss of a spouse. It is about sharing the hard times grief can bring, sharing the good things going on in our lives, and developing friendships. At times people will organize get together outside of the coffee times such as going to a movie, lunch, comedy show, etc…

This is not intended to replace professional counseling. Here are some Grief Resources.

You can get on the email distribution list for when the group is meeting and additional information by adding your contact information below.

Please also share your thoughts, your questions, your feedback, your story, or how you might be able to help us.